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Why Choose Quality Dialysis?



We are dedicated to giving you the best care possible, no matter what dialysis option you choose.



We are pioneers of staff-assisted home dialysis services and will treat you, not just the disease.



We have built our reputation by adhering to health guidelines as required by State and Federal agencies.

Quality Dialysis is committed to delivering professional staff-assisted, responsive, patient centered, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis services to patients and their families in the comfort of their own home.


We know that the advent of a health challenge like kidney failure can be a cause of great concern and discomfort. You have questions and need answers that will allow you to make informed decisions for you and your loved ones. The staff of Quality Dialysis wants you to know that “We are here for you!”

Some facts about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD):


  • Over 20 million Americans are coping with the devastating illness of chronic kidney disease, and 6 million are currently undiagnosed.
  • Diabetes and hypertension are the primary causes of chronic kidney disease; however, when you pair them with obesity your chance of being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease significantly increases.
  • Approximately 40% of the dialysis patient population is secondary to diabetes.
  • Out of the estimated 320 million people that reside in the United States, the highest percentage that are diagnosed with diabetes are minorities.
  • Paradoxically, Native Americans (an estimated 4.4 million) are the primary minority shareholders of diabetes in the United States. This number is alarming when you consider that this populace accounts for a mere one percent of the total U.S. population.
  • African Americans are second to Native Americans, and Hispanics, regardless of their subgroups, are third.
  • Equally important is blood pressure control. Hypertension and diabetes often occur simultaneously and lead to chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis. Approximately 11 million Americans are diagnosed with both diseases, but do not receive the medical treatment that is required.