Preventing Kidney Disease with Healthy Living

Preventing Kidney Disease

02 Jun Preventing Kidney Disease with Healthy Living

Preventing kidney disease can be a matter of making wise diet and lifestyle choices. These healthy living suggestions can help to improve quality of life during dialysis. These tips are also ideal for friends and family, so that everyone in the household can experience the healthy living benefits that come with caring for the kidneys.

A diet that is low in fat and sodium is important when it comes to preventing kidney disease. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day keeps the body from gaining unnecessary weight. These healthy foods also supply the organs and blood with vital nutrients and vitamins. When choosing vegetables, frozen are better than canned.

Canned vegetables should be rinsed before consumption to remove any excess salt. Lunch meats and frozen dinners are often high in salt and should be avoided. It is also best to eat salty snacks like potato chips in moderation and to avoid fast food.

Lean meats are a healthier choice when following a diet for kidney health. Fish is a healthy choice, as it is low in fat but high in protein. When preparing red meat or poultry, the fat should be trimmed before cooking. To further reduce the fat in meats, the entrees should be broiled or baked instead of fried. Since vegetable oil is considerably high in fat, olive or canola oil are healthier choices. Eggs are also high in fat and should be replaced with egg substitute or egg whites.

While choosing the right foods is important, eating habits are essential as well. It is best to stop eating after experiencing a feeling of fullness. This keeps the internal organs from having to do additional work. To concentrate on eating and avoid overeating, it’s best not to eat while driving or watching television. Taking one serving from a box or container and putting the rest away can also prevent overeating.

Maintaining physical activity can also help to prevent kidney disease. This tip is also helpful for those who have been diagnosed with kidney disease. Jogging or swimming are ideal activities, as is walking daily. Keeping the body physically active can lower blood pressure and relieve stress, as well as keep the kidneys healthy.

Finally, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping cholesterol levels low can shield the body against kidney disease. A healthy weight helps to balance blood sugar so that the the kidneys don’t have to work extremely hard while the body is processing glucose. Speaking to a doctor about high cholesterol levels is ideal when coming up with a treatment plan that can improve both kidney health and overall well-being.

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