Cindy Barclay

Chief Executive Officer of Quality Dialysis and author of That Damn Dialysis

Cindy Barclay, the Chief Executive Officer of Quality Dialysis in Stafford, Texas, is the pioneer of staff-assisted home hemodialysis treatments. Today, with 70+ employees, the company administers over 1000 treatments a month throughout Houston and multiple counties in the state of Texas. A highly motivated businesswoman, Cindy is also the founder of Quality Dialysis Two, QD1 Pharmacy, Barclay Foundation, Claybar Publishing, and Claybar Enterprises.

The personal story behind her expertise and determination is as dynamic and inspiring as her accomplishments. As doctors and nurses provided encouragement while she lay flat on her back from a debilitating auto accident, Cindy began to form a vision and plan for the task ahead. Her 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, much of it in critical or intensive care and working with patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, allowed her to envision where she could do the most good. In one year, she went from nurse to entrepreneur and formed Quality Dialysis, Inc. She had no idea that within 10 short years from that accident, she would have 35 employees and today, 20 years later, a total of 70+ employees!

Since 1993, Quality Dialysis has been a leader in providing home dialysis services in the state of Texas, with Houston as the primary service area. These services are closely monitored under the supervision of a nephrologist and licensed nurses who are placed in the home to perform the hemodialysis treatments ― thus allowing patients to actively participate in their own care and regain some control of their life. The goal of Quality Dialysis is to educate patients and their families on chronic kidney disease, while administering treatments in the comfort of their own home.

As the founder and CEO of Quality Dialysis, Cindy has seen the company blossom into the #1 staff-assisted home dialysis company in the State of Texas. Recognized as one of Houston’s most respected and successful entrepreneurs, she believes her company’s accomplishments revolve around the fact that she sees herself as a patient advocate, as well as a businesswoman. She champions the belief that a patient’s dignity and respect are paramount. It is a point appreciated by her patients who agree that their quality of life has greatly improved with the introduction of at-home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

In staff-assisted home dialysis, her passionate goal continues to ensure patients receive the highest quality of service and be given the information necessary to help them make informed decisions. By making home treatments a reality, she continues to make a huge difference in the quality of life for those coping with this disease.

Cindy is also the author of That Damn Dialysis ― a fiction-based-on-fact, humorous yet compassionate story of a new dialysis patient, Cledus B. Washington, and what he goes through each day, both physically and emotionally, with medical personnel, family and friends. Running the gamut of scenarios from treatment-related to matters of the heart, this book can be enjoyed by everyone as they learn about chronic kidney disease.

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