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Meet Our Support Team

Quality Dialysis Mission and History

Quality Dialysis has provided staff-assisted home dialysis in the State of Texas for over 18 years. Founded in 1993, our goal and mission remains unchanged; to educate patients and their family about chronic kidney disease, and to provide quality healthcare services to patient’s in the comfort of their own home.

Dialysis services are closely monitored to ensure that patient care is never compromised. We consider it our privilege to assist you with your at home dialysis needs.

Meet Your Support Team

At Quality Dialysis, you have a complete medical support team focused on your care. Your support team is made up of healthcare professionals with a specific focus area. They will educate you regarding your dialysis care, monitor your healthcare needs, and assess your treatment; you are not alone. Your dialysis support team will include:

Your Nephrologist

Your nephrologist will discuss and determine with you, the best treatment modality (such as hemodialysis or peritoneal). He or she will provide oversight for your dialysis treatments as well as monitor your ongoing care. It is customary that home dialysis patients see their nephrologist at least once a month to evaluate your medical condition and make changes to your plan of care.

Your Dialysis Nurse

Along with your nephrologist, you will also have nurses who specialize in renal failure who will be your first point of contact for most problems and questions. Your dialysis nurse will help you to learn more about your health problems and the needs associated with it.  The dialysis nurse will provide your dialysis treatments under the supervision of your nephrologist.

Your Home-Training Nurse

Once you and your nephrologist decide that home training is the best treatment option, you will be assigned a home-training nurse who will provide 6 – 12 weeks of hemodialysis training at home. During your training, you will have ample opportunities to ask any questions you may have.

Your Dietitian

Your diet plays a huge role in living a healthy life with chronic kidney disease. The dietitian will serve as a personal consultant to you and your family. Upon reviewing your health history and assessing your needs, the renal dietitian will tailor a dietary regimen specifically for you.

Your Social Worker

As you adjust to your health condition, further emotional support may be necessary.  The renal  social worker will be there to support you. Your social worker will evaluate your social and medical condition in order to provide the appropriate resources for you and your family. There are also support groups that your social worker can recommend for additional support.

Distribution Driver

Distributes monthly durable medical equipment and dialysis supplies.

Bio-Medical Technician

Provides ongoing maintenance of all dialysis equipment.


Picks up and disposes of weekly Biohazard waste.  Materials associated with medical procedures.

Your Support System

Through your healthcare journey, our support team understands that patient care matters most. The team is there to ensure your needs are met, and quality of life is maintained.